With 4PM for greater coordination, control,
and productivity at all project
management levels

With 4PM for greater coordination, control, and productivity at all project management levels

  • 30-day free trial period
  • Assistance with employee implementation in 4PM
  • Development of custom advanced modules
  • Integration with external software tools
  • Possibility to buy or rent a 4PM license
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Everything you need for efficient and quality multi-project management in one place.

Basic 4PM features for efficient
multi-project management

Easy entry and review of projects

You can monitor the stage of the projects you are responsible for and, as a result, improve their efficiency at any time.

  • Projects, tasks, goals and important milestones in one place
  • Structured project planning
  • Optimal scheduling of tasks for project team members
  • Setting priorities (low, medium, high)
  • Monitoring the financial status of projects
  • Reminders for important dates

Data collection during project implementation offers automated production of standardized and customized reports.

  • Creation of timesheets and project financial reports
  • Custom reports for EU projects, management and external partners
  • Automatic notification at 4PM and via email
  • Reporting individuals to management and team colleagues
  • Automatic tracking of project changes

With advanced modules for activity records, we monitor schedules and vacations, manage costs and staff availability.

  • Confirmation and settlement of travel assignments
  • Linking travel expenses to projects
  • Leave requests, certification, records
  • Entry and review of sick leave
  • Recording and management (use) of overtime

Making the right business decisions based on quality information obtained in the context of advanced custom analytics.

  • Pivot tables with advanced filters
  • Lists of hours worked by type of work
  • List of all projects and custom filtering
  • Business analysis on all projects and custom filtering
  • Distribution of individuals by units and project groups

Planning, monitoring and analyzing costs and revenues is no longer a demanding or time-consuming task.

  • A simple tool for project cost planning
  • An up-to-date review of labor, travel and other expenses
  • Analytical monitoring of financial realization
  • Forecasts of inflows and outflows
  • Clear creation of the project cost plan

Document management in 4PM eliminates the sending of documents by e-mail and the risk of loss and unauthorized access.

  • Easy management of access rights to documents
  • Arranging documents by folders and rights
  • Versioning and insight history
  • Advanced search engine to search by content, name and keywords
  • SSL security

Simultaneous work on several project tasks requires an overview of planned, scheduled and implemented tasks.

  • Comprehensive database for better job analysis
  • Time spent reporting by task
  • Ability to attach documents
  • Entering comments and informing about the work on the task
  • Link to activity list for quick and easy analysis

Interactive Gantt chart provides insight into the time and content organization of the project by phases and tasks.

  • Up-to-date information on the progress of activities
  • Monitoring of realization by tasks, activities and those in charge
  • Adjusting the display according to the selected filters
  • Fast analysis for fast changes
  • Delay monitoring

Distributing responsibilities and assignments among the project team means greater work efficiency and better communication.

  • Connection of tasks to the time and financial framework of the project
  • Review of the work of individuals
  • Employee evaluation tools
  • Employee scheduling tool
  • Resource utilization overview

Easy recording and monitoring of arrival, departure, break and total attendance times.

  • Desktop and mobile attendance recording.
  • Tracking of arrivals, departures, breaks and private exits.
  • Insight into attendance data by both the employee and employer.
  • Review of not entered attendance.
  • Export of the recommended form for auditors and payroll attachments.

Advanced functionalities 4PM

Timesheets for co-financed projects

  • Flexible job reporting functionality
  • Fast and reliable creation of timelines
  • Accurate calculations of employee costs

Review of realized staff costs

  • Comprehensive insight into realized and planned costs
  • Realized hours and costs of work on the project / per person
  • Financial realization displays by need and custom filtering

Automated calculation of hourly rates

  • Automatic conversion from salary data
  • Import of hourly rates by period and project
  • Option to lock hourly rates for fewer errors

Resource occupancy planning

  • Limitation of work allocation based on free capacities
  • Distribution of planned hours to tasks
  • Automatic calculation of the employee's occupancy during the period

Possibility of integration with external software tools

Accounting programs


IT time registration systems

Jantar SPICA

Human resources systems

Kadris Gecko

Unified IT systems

HAKL Perftech.Largo


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Instructions and tips on how to use 4PM

How to create a project work plan?

If you plan your work well, you have more chances to successfully complete your projects. 4PM enables time-content planning, which means that you can create phases and tasks, set deadlines and assign tasks to people. The set plan can be reviewed or edited in a Gantt chart.

Guest Access and Rights on Documents

You can grant free guest access to partners, contractors, auditors or external collaborators to access project documents. You must assign special "guest access" to such users. It is also important to give them the right access rights in the document system: no access, only insight, editable.

Task Management and Team Collaboration

Project managers are responsible for planning and assigning tasks to the team. The realization of the work is monitored through comments, entered work and costs. Communication on assignments is important for communicating progress and exchanging documents. The work on the project is thus organized and the data is available to the entire team, even when working from home.


What is the 4PM web application?

4PM is a versatile web application for multiproject management, which enables project teams to structurally organize their projects, processes, and tasks. Through 4PM, you can use various tools - such as tables, views, charts, automation, and integrations - which offer a comprehensive insight into projects, work and project finances tracking, and generating standard and custom schedules for reporting purposes.

4PM is one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive software solutions for multiproject management available on the market. 4PM allows you to work with various projects, programs, and project portfolios, including modules that are logically linked: individual project management, which has logically integrated (1) documents and portals, (2) project financial module, (3) work tracking - resource occupancy planning, and (4) program and project portfolio management (project groups).

You can change your subscription package at any time by changing the type of subscription package and adding/removing users (note that after the refund period, we do not offer refunds for downgrades). If you want to change your subscription package, simply let us know at or contact your assigned 4PM manager.

4PM does not provide automatic integrations with external software. This is only possible by ordering the integration, which will be done for you by the 4PM team. Some of the most recognized integrations include accounting software (SAOP, VASCO, PANTHEON), HR systems (KADRIS4, eHRM, ApoSIS), time registration IT systems (JANTAR, SPICA), and unified IT systems (HAKL, 360 ECM, Perftech).

For more information regarding integrations, contact us at .

In 4PM, we manage project finances by entering revenues and costs and monitoring cash flow by project. By regularly entering hours and assigning hourly rates to individual employees, the financial module automatically calculates labor costs for the selected period and by project/phase. We manually enter revenues and other expenses, where we can enter items from received invoices (recipient, issuer, phase, type of cost, value, co-financing share, payment deadline, etc.).

Additionally, we can assign a budget and co-financing share to each project. In line with project implementation, using pivot tables and graphical displays, we can track realization, differences between recorded and realized costs, available funds, and other accounting items. Tables can be exported at any time in XML format and used to create custom reports. 

In 4PM, we have the ability to export standardized reports related to project finances and work tracking or custom reports for individual projects, persons, or the entire organization. All exported reports are available in Excel format, allowing you to further process them according to your needs. 4PM allows you to generate a variety of EU reporting timesheets, including FP7 and H2020, which can be tailored to the specific project.

The 4PM trial lasts for 30 days. When your trial period expires, you can sign a contract and purchase 4PM. To place an order, send an email to . View all subscription packages here.

4PM allows for various methods of recording work. Entries are made in accordance with digital input forms, where we define the type and quantity of work for each activity (task). We keep track of 3 types of entries: daily, weekly, and monthly. The latter enables regular monitoring of the quantity, content, and realization of work by individuals, teams, or the entire project.

Once the data on past work is entered and confirmed, it can be used for reporting purposes and for creating timelines.

In accordance with a pre-defined scheme, we can import the following items in XML format into 4PM: employee ID cards, organizations, hourly rate costs, salary costs, and other items that do not necessarily require manual entry.

If you are currently using MS Project, you can also import projects in XML format. 4PM recognizes tasks and phases (together with execution deadlines), the project name, and project completion. Once the project is entered, the administrator of the user account determines the project team and assigns tasks.

Read more about exporting and importing data using XML files.

4PM offers a timeline view and project progress editing within the framework of a Gantt chart. You can plan and monitor the project by adding new phases, tasks, milestones, and meetings, or editing existing ones. With just a few clicks, you can get insight into individual tasks for participants on the project and edit their activities and execution time.

Communication and notification occur exclusively through an active email inbox. We can notify our employees or selected participants on the project/task about any changes within 4PM. All notifications occur automatically or manually, depending on whom we want to notify.

The essence of the document system is the traceable and secure storage and exchange of documentation in one place. Access to specific documentation is regulated by permissions assigned to specific user accounts. The system also allows for document versioning, which eliminates the risk of the so-called "last version" of the document, as the latest version always appears first on the list. 4PM additionally enables insight into the history of activities with a particular document, which allows for the determination of the date of transfers, views, or uploads of a document by a user.

Automations are combinations of triggers and actions that you customize to your specific needs. Let's look at a simple example: when {status} {something}, {notify} {someone} {every time interval}.

4PM offers automation options in case of changes to tasks, such as changes to the execution deadline, status, task participants, and added comments or documents. In these cases, participants receive a notification of the change. Automation also occurs with automated calculation of labor costs and hourly rates. In the event of exceeding time limits, there is a graphic display of warnings within 4PM.

It all depends on the goals of your project. The basic functionalities of multi-project management and communication, which are the most suitable choice for smaller project teams, are available in the LITE subscription package, while the ADVANCED and ENTERPRISE packages are more suitable for managing a larger number of different participants, project finances, and reporting automation needs. For one-time projects involving multiple organizations, we recommend the PROJECT subscription package. The 4PM team is happy to consult with your team to help you choose the right subscription package. You can contact us at .


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