Do you still manage your projects in Excel? Let 4PM help you

Excel sheets are among the more common tools for project management and reporting. The use of Excell requires a lot of manual work, the information is immediately obsolete, collaboration and versions of reports and group work on documents are almost impossible. 4PM is a better and easier solution. Let your colleagues deal with project management rather than gathering information.

Tables - a lot of manual work Untitled-1

  • Excel sheets require collecting information that is immediately obsolete and needs to be constantly updated, which means even more manual work.
  • Manually correcting and editing changes, it is difficult to detect errors in formulas.
  • Group work is almost impossible.
  • Editing different versions of the same spreadsheet - mission impossible
  • Extensive spreadsheets are also unstable. Has your Excel you ever crashed?

The solution is within the reach of hands - 4PM modern project management

  • Do not waste time with reporting and project administration. Let 4PM do the work for you.
  • Immediate insight into the status of the task - time spent, assignment performed.
  • Immediate insigt into the project status: finances, tasks, deadlines and collaboration.
  • Each team member contributes to a better insight into the status of the project.
  • Easy project prioritization, tasks, resource load.
  • Quickly detect weaknesses and problems.
  • All about projects and team in one place.
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