How to select the project management tool for your needs?

Do you wish your project management and teamwork on a higher level? An overview of the advantages offered by the use of 4PM - cloud solution, compared to using a spreadsheet (eg. MS Excel) or the development of own solutions will help you decide.

4PM is a tool for project management support, time tracking, organization and teamwork. Functionalities are custom fitted to project managersand team members; 4PM means simple use and the possibility of team work on the same data. 4PM brings together all the projects, regardless the type, size and priority; users can adjust 4PM to their needs and business processes.

4PM combines the plan with the implementation of the project; the content with the finance, teams and documents. Data is entered once, all changes are immediately visible and traceable; system makes sure that they are organized and transparent, ready for reporting and export to other systems. Less time is spent for project administration and reduced the possibility of errors. It supports resource load planning and contributes to the efficiency of project teams; 4PM has an integrated document management system and the possibility of sending e-messages. 4PM is use for project planning and monitoring the implementation; for the reporting of work (hours), archiving and sharing of documents and much more.

At first glance, the use of spreadsheets (Excel) for project management is time and cost-effective: it is accessible to most users; it has already been installed on their PCs. For simple, small projects this is likely good enough. Functionalities of spreadsheets are not intended for project management; with increasing complexity of the projects they become ineffective (i.e. tasks that require teamwork, with many changes and communication, documents, possible integration with other IT systems). Problems arise with the versions of spreadsheets, it is difficult to track changes in the plan and the data has many incomprehensible formulas, complex tables are non-transparent, teamwork is impossible. There is no resource planning availability and access to the project portfolio overview. Too much time is spent for data editing. Do you still think that use of spreadsheets is cost effective?

Some companies choose to develop their own applications. The product is tailored to the needs, adjustments are fast, however the user interfaces are often unfriendly, the use is mandatory. Internal development also means hidden high costs for development and maintenance; development is never really finished and requires involvement of a wider team. Thus, IT and project teams involved instead, of doing the work, which actually creates additional value, they develop something similar to the product that already exists.

Some accounting software and ERP systems also support project management, with an emphasis on the financial execution of projects(cost, cash flow, time reporting for salaries), much less (or no) attention is dedicated to group work, time planning and monitoring of projects. The success of the projects depends largely on the content of work: what, who, by when, with all the changes related, documents and information.

Implementation of 4PM means the transfer of knowledge of project management, both within the team and between users of 4PM. 4PM is a cost-effective solution: you pay as much and what you need (eg. number of users, unlimited projects, server space, functionalities and modules). The initial investment of time to start the application quickly shows with in an effectiveness of your team and successful projects. Risk-free and cost-free trial period 4PM to check its suitability for your needs. We ensure the effective functioning 24/7, reliable performance, safety and maintenance.

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