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The implementation of projects is associated with numerous project documents being created in the project team. The importance of the documents complements the role in team collaboration and communication. Project documents travel through horizontal communication within the team, management reporting and communication with external partners and customers.

Too many and disorganized documentation can mean unnecessary bureaucratisation of project management. And this leads to poorer insight into the state of implementation of the project, the possible loss of important project documents and ineffective teamwork. This is often related with managing projects, using charts, e-mail, and paper.

Successful project managers know how to use the integrated document management system 4PM, which complements the important functionalities that support project management.

4PM provides access to project documents where users need them most:

4PM provides a standardized and centralized document platform for archiving, order by project folders, version control (locking for editing), control access for individual documents, teamwork (more people need to document the work), advanced search (by content , metadata, keyword), secure document exchange and storage in the cloud.

By establishing a platform that supports teamwork, follows communication and flow of documents, the project manager:

  • Who needs what information (tasks, access)
  • What is required by management (reporting flow)
  • Rules for document exchange and access in the project team and with external stakeholders.

Project document system
4PM follows:

  • Formal communication (minutes, decisions, changes, instructions, plans ...)
  • Informal communication on the implementation of the project activities (comments on the projects, task status) and
  • Exchange of documents by attachments in the comments and secure links to the documents in e-mail notifications.
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