How to use 4PM as a collaboration and document management tool in EU projects?

About task comments

Group members use task comments for internal communication and document exchange. Task comments can also include link to documents in document tab. Users directly upload documents to comment and to selected folder.

All communication is organized by tasks, milestones or deliverables, stored and available in 4PM, ready to use. Each member can send and receive e-mail notifications with comments and links to documents.

Comments 4PM tasks - new form

Users can read all task comments at a task pop-up or in a list of all task comments in My comments tab, using filters and search functions.

About documents in 4PM

Coordinator organizes document folders and uploads documents, forms and templates. Team members prepare documents and upload them to 4PM. We suggest to you use versioning functionality of 4PM.

How to upload document?

You can upload documents directly form task comments or in project document tab it to 4PM and notify other team members.

Document detalis in 4PM document systemProject document system 

Users access documents directly from e-mail. If necessary, they can add comment and clarifications and send e-mail notification to team.

How to change document version?

4PM Versioning traces date of document upload, author of the upload. Document name can be set in 4PM, real document name is available in document history.

If necessary, use function Lock / Unlock to prevent changing the document version.


Advantages of using 4PM

  • Less e-mails (all information is organized, stored and available in 4PM, accessible to all)
  • E-mail only to involved in preparation of Report
  • Overview of document usage (download and access history)
  • Document versioning
  • Management overviews over report preparation progress
  • Management overviews over involved users
  • Safe and secure document exchange (SSL protocol)
  • Better communication and collaboration

About tasks

Project activities, tasks and deliverables are set-up.

Each task team is diverse:

  • Co-workers from our organization
  • Team members from project partners and
  • External team members
  • Supervisors …

Each task has unique team and assignments that collaborates, produces numerous e-mails and documents. In the course of the project it is quite easy to get lost in myriad of diverse communication. 

With 4PM you can streamline communication by narrow topics, new members can easily access "old" documents and comments and start working.

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