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Executives get an overview of all projects and employees. 4PM facilitates decision-making. Current information on the financial status, available resources and time frames are always at hand. Work processes can be optimised and employees efficiently allocated.

Projet managers get constant and clear overview on the project execution and implementation - finance (costs and incomes), team members, time frames and documents. 4PM facilitates cooperation and communication of the proejct team. Creating reports on financial statis, timesheet and status data is automatic. Right information to the hand means less crissis and stress for last-minute deadlines.

Employees simply register their work on project, other work and absences. Tasks and deadlines are clearly determined. 4PM offers great collaboration tool for every team member.

Project partners, subcotractors and clients can access different documents and comments by enabling them guest access. No more problems with sending large files by e-mail.

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