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Your Challenge

  • Multi-projects everyday life with pile of information, always looking for something and not knowing who is responsible for what and when to do something.
  • How to unite different individuals in effective collaboration?

4PM Solution

  • Creative, organized and transparent project.
  • Lower operating costs and less stress for employees.

Projects = Meeting Point of Different = 4PM

Simplified communication between the contracting authorities, printing offices, subcontractors, as well as within the project team.

  • Facilitated project management,
  • Simplified input forms: from idea to market launch or even further.
  • Advanced task management: planning, responsibilities, communication & collaboration, work progress reporting.
  • Online document management system for exchange of graphic concepts, project documentation exchange and for checking the accepted concept ideas
  • Monitoring the work of employees and outsourcing partners
  • Simplified overview of the additional work for the contracting authority

Project types: internal and market projects

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