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Your Challenges

Implementation of quality management standards, research projects, IT projects ... right opportunity implementation of project management standards?

Large investment projects, development projects, internal projects. All in one spot?

Management of resources, strict time frames and clients' requests aligned with strategy?

4PM Solution

Good project management, communication and collaboration. All supported with an excellent project management tool 4PM that enhances optimal resource allocation and organization to achieve strategic and project goals.

4PM Support for Projects, Teams and Executives

researchers and their business partners, project management offices.

4PM contains modules that simplify and make work easier for manufacturing companies:

  • Support for project management in any part of any organization: from marketing, human resource management, development to finance, controlling and board projects
  • From planning to execution and archiving. Form idea, offer, product/service development, execution and maintenance, to project evaluation.
  • Simple team organization
  • Management and monitoring of one or multiple projects
  • Planning and monitoring of activities:
  • Task management:
    • integrated advanced powerful reporting and collaborative tools.
    • top-down or collaborative approach
    • progress monitoring: planned and work done, estimation
  • Project communication within the team and with external co-workers
  • Project documentation: repository, exchange, and search.
  • Project finance management: cost, incomes, cash-flow
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