HRM Services

Your Challenge

  • How to maintain the quality standard of human resources work and the same criteria for all?
  • How to maintain emotional non-involvement?
  • How to successfully carry out different projects?
  • How to deal with staff work overload and planning vacation?
  • How to analyse business processes?

4PM Solution

User friendly project management and collaboration tool. That supports good work.

Added value for HRM services

  • Support for projects and project work
  • Work plan and tasks for employees (deadlines, scope of work) - clear responsibilities that improve the quality of work.
  • Evaluation of individuals and their performance - for better annual interviews.
  • Overview of employments - job classification, type of employment, absence (travels, holidays).
  • Monitoring of staff and external contractors on multi-projects.
  • Time-sheets, resource work-load planning, advanced analysis of the work done.
  • Storing, sharing and searching the project documentation. Archiving and different levels of access.
  • Multi-language application for international project teams.
  • Modern management of projects: commercial, house, R & D, co-financed (EU: FP7, Horizon 2020 ...) and other.

4PM will help you improve

  • management of human resources
  • relationships with clients and partners
  • your offer of HRM services (work analysis, project management, ISO standards)
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