Architects & Engineers

Your Challenge

  • How to solve different restrictions and limitations with client's expectations
  • How to track all changes?
  • How to improve communication and document exchange with sub-contractors?
  • How to get clear financial status of a project? How to plan and monitor costs and payments?

4PM = Answer

4PM is suitable for architects & civil engineers; that use modern technologies for communicating with their colleagues, contracting authorities and subcontractors.

Project work IN central focus

  • Project communication tool between the contracting authorities, subcontractors, and within the project team.
  • Facilitated project management, simplified input forms
  • On-line document management system for documents exchange
  • Monitoring the work of employees and outsourcing partners
  • Financial monitoring of the project
  • Monitoring of personnel costs, subcontractor costs, travel costs and other costs
  • Costs and revenue entry
  • Project types: internal and market projects
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