Government & Public Agencies

Your Challenges

How to use less resources and achieve goasl?
How to spent public resources rationally?
How to successfully implement changes?

4PM Solution for effective use of public resources

For organized project culture that supports better organization and responsible team. Focused on project goals and effective work. With team collaboration and organized documentation.

Support for project management in any part of any organization

  • Project management for investments and co-financed projects. Overview of project fonds and project financial resources.
  • Simple and clear responsibilites in the team
  • Task management for public procedures (public procurement)
  • Quick communication between team, departements, subcontractors, project partners
  • Document management system for effective document exchange, search in repository.

Public sector & Municipalities

  • Information system for project management of investmen projects
  • Project management support for local public organizations (schools, primary care, municipal services...)

4PM gathers all key data on your projects and co-workers. Work reporting enhances efficiency, higher quality of service and better job satisfaction. Standardized data support better decision making, based on high quality reports with reduced project administration.

  • complete monitoring of progress of municipality projects and of the activities where the municipalities act as investors, contracting authorities or partners
  • Simplification of project management for complex European projects
  • Detailed activity and responsibility allocation to a single employee
  • Improvement of communication within the municipalities employees, within departments, within the project teams
  • Minimalising human error, lightening the employees burden and extra work; this consequently raises the quality of the projects and the effectiveness of the project team
  • Improving the overview of the budget expenditures
  • Monitoring the work of employees and outsourcing partners
  • Financial monitoring of the project
  • project types: internal, market and budget projects as well as tenders
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