To ensure a successful project environment, 4PM provides a dynamic platform which has been tailored to the requirement of universities, their teams and their projects.

4PM for Universities is a comprehensive project management solution that helps you plan, monitor and execute projects.

4PM provides all the features experienced project managers and coordinators require.

It's easy to use to ensure that project teams actually adopt it.

Advanced budgeting and planning modules are at the core of our solution. These are complemented by additional modules: document management, comments and advanced reporting features.

What does 4PM offer you?

  • Innovative project and portfolio management for multiple project types: commercial,in-house, research and development, and national or European (7FP, Horizon 2020, cross-border cooperation...) funded projects.
  • Flexible project structure planning with multilevel work-packages and activities.
  • Comprehensive cost and budget planning and monitoring.
  • Resource planning and management.
  • Time and expense management.
  • Efficient communication and collaborative environment with document.
  • management, comments, automatic notifications;
  • Easy preparation of project reports, analysis and European reports.
  • Transparency and clear accountability.
  • Customizable user access rights.

4PM excellent project information system

  • For your own use as a project management tool and quality management tool for research projects, EU funded projects, investments.
  • As a practical teaching tool for your students. 4PM covers project management, management of EU projects, HRM, collaboration, documents and, more.

4PM reliable partner for academic field

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