4PM Made For You

Customize 4PM to suit the your needs: you choose the functionalities and modules to use.

4PM can be used by any company that has a project structure and aims to a transparent and project management with powerful project management functionalities.


More than just project management system

All in 1: projects + people + communication

  • financial monitoring of the project (planning and realization): costs, incomes, cash flow
  • planning and monitoring of activities: hours, work progress, status of activities
  • the work done and easy reporting forms
  • document management system (for archiving the project documentation and exchanging the data with the contracting authorities and the subcontractors)
  • Simplified and transparent communication between the contractors, subcontractors, and within the project team - intuitive collaboration tool.
  • Templates for managing different types of projects
  • Daily overview of the progress of the projects (time and costs)

And much more:

  • multilingual web application
  • monthly reports (reports about the work done as well as the reports for the European projects)
  • resource load
  • Simplified generating of European and other project reports
  • Monitoring of project progress
  • management overviews for better decision making
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