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Excellent project management software for any EU-funded projects (Horizon 2020,
Erasmus,Life, Interreg ...) and any other project.

Project execution and progress management

4PM effectively combines the plan and implementation of the project:

  • Project scheduling & structure (work-packages & activities) is related to the implementation: both financially and in terms of content and work

Načrt Interreg Projekta v 4PM

  • Financial plan is easily compared with the realization - costs are always under control

Cost plan

  • Planning of project inflows (advance payments, final payments...)
  • Modifications are traceable

The organization of the project consortium

The Lead Partner has a overall view of the project organization, project plan and implementation.

Individual project partners are responsible for the management of their work on the project.

Easy to manage project access rights by project roles, irrespective of the location of users. Internal communication within the consortium is facilitated and organized.

Project team and organization structure

Project coordination with powerful features for

communication and exchange of documents

A comprehensive platform for:

  • reporting within the team on the progress of the project,
  • sharing comments and project information,
  • and secure document center (for archive)

4PM will help you prepare project deliverables, documents and reports.

How to support project collaboration and secure document exchange with 4PM:


Any information (time, cost, estimate sales, a change in plans) that users enter to 4PM system takes into account in the various reports (ie. timesheets) and analyzes.

Various settings and controls facilitate project controls and revisions.

Reporting is really quick and easy.


Monthly work reporting  Work reporting  Document management system in 4PM

Comprehensive project management and much more

  • Collaboration: comments and email notifications
  • Document management:
  • Personalized access control
  • Version history
  • Deliverable evaluation workflow
  • Quality assesment management
  • Gantt-chart by tasks and assigned people
  • Communication is organized by tasks and WP’s
  • Support

ELIGIBLE COST for Horizon 2020 and most EU projects

Additional info on:  00386 41 400 945

4PM use project consortia, project offices, business, and public organizations to facilitate management and reduce the volume of administrative tasks.

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