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4PM = collaborative tool for winning teams

Successful project completion requires effective collaboration and communication. 4PM provides powerful solutions to ensure that team members are working together for ensuring successful completion of project goals.

Clear visibility into task, milestones, deliverables and priorities.

My 4PM enables users to gain insight into tasks and priorities:

  • What they should be working on 
  • How they should plan their work
  • Who to contact

My 4PM quick access tasksComments in streamlineKomentarji na nalogi s povezavo do dokumentov

4PM supports automatic notifications on updates by email.

Collaboration and document sharing tools

4PM includes powerful collaborative tools, such as document management, comments, automatic notifications and more, which allow your team members to communicate with each other and collaborate to achieve project goals.

Simplified reporting of work and project deliverables

4PM supports multilevel project work reporting, simple status reports and notifications.

Work reporting

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