Project Managers

for alignment of project goals, time frames and financial plan, resources and collaboration with overall strategy.

A project manager's role is to ensure that projects are completed within the planned time and budget. 4PM enables access to information and facilitates decision-making at the right time.

Flexible project planning

4PM offers all tools for successful project planning: financial, resources, and work breakdown (project scheduling).

Project execution

4PM enables real-time access to all the information pertinent to their projects. Visibility into project enables identification of various issues that might face early on. Corrective decisions can be made before it is too late.

Resource allocation

In order to achieve project goals, project managers need to allocate their resources to maximize utilization and minimize idle time. Resource load charts allow them to see precisely what their resources are working on and which are available.

Collaborative tools to engage your resources

4PM empowers your project resources to communicate with each other and collaborate to successfully complete the project. 4PM users (team members) can easily provide information and updates through time-sheets, comments, and other tools, project managers receive the information that they need successfully execute their projects.

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