4PM Reseller Partners localize, market, sell and support the implementation of 4PM in specific markets

If you are an consultant company, project manager or marketing expert, independent software vendor, integration professional, you can expand your portfolio with a powerful project management solution, 4PM.

As a 4PM business partner, you will be able to resell the 4PM application and related services. By offering consulting, implementation, training or support services, you could further strengthen relationships with your clients.

4PM partners will add a new revenue stream to their organization. You have the opportunity to decide your level of involvement in the sale. We value both business partners who just introduce us to potential clients as well as those who play a more active role during selling and support.

We search partners for

  • Latin markets
  • EU and Northern markets
  • Slavic markets
  • other

Advantages of Becoming a 4PM Reseller


We offer attractive licensing revenue depending on your participation during the selling and implementation process.

Use of 4PM

Partners have full access to 4PM and to support their marketing and sales activities.


Depending on your level of involvement, we offer marketing, selling, implementation, technical and training support to help you build relationships with your clients and grow your organization.

Join our partner network to strengthen your market position and create a new revenue stream.

For more information or terms of partnership please contact us hrough

  • our live chat,
  • e-mail ,
  • phone 00386 41 400 898 
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