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date: 2020-04-10

category: press release

The Covid-19 pandemic showed us a new and exciting way of team collaboration. It may be different from the usual but that doesn’t mean it can’t be better. No matter if you are an individual, a small business owner or require an enterprise solution the responsibility for a sustainable work environment is on all of us, so LET’S HELP SO THE WORK DOESN’T STOP.


Arctur is proud to offer our online PM tool FREE usage and user workshops to all new teams and business (up to 15 users) until 7/1/2020.


The new era of team work strives to ensure continuity through online collaboration. It is upon modern tools to ensure a team has all it needs. Ensure your colleges meant to complete their tasks even from their home. Track on their work from anywhere in the world, from any device and manage your team like a pro.


The application is ready for use in mere hours. To set up a domain for your team you only need to fill in data on the or contact us for more information and assistance with setting up the 4PM on or telephone number 00386 41 400 945 (Slovenia).

With a remote management tool, businesses can stay productive as their employees have access to critical data from anywhere.


Be #effective and stay safe #workfromhome

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