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date: 2019-03-26

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Text to be included in the project application, as description of the project organization and project management (WP 1)

We will use online project management and collaboration tool to simplify and standardize project administration, reporting, producing deliverables, monitoring financial performance, and timesheets. When choosing a tool, we follow the objectives described below.

The international project consortium requires a platform that is independent of language and cultural differences. Selected tool will be a central collaboration point for project team. It should support multilingual and traceable communication and team collaboration, and should allow the secure storage and exchange of project documents.

The solution should support the overall project management from planning, performance monitoring, daily communication and document exchange, to reporting, auditing and archiving.

Application supports the implementation of the project activities (Gantt chart by work packages, activities), index monitoring, team collaboration by the exchange of comments, documents and the selective emails. It should enable real-time monitoring of project finance (cost, incomes). Project documents should be arranged in folders, safely stored (back up) and ready for web sharing (SSL encoded), it must support version review (who, when, what, meta data) and download control to ensure an audit trail both to individual files and project changes (changes in team, financial plan).

User rights must enable different types of users and the project organizational structure (management, team); comprehensive insight for lead partner, limited access for partners. Selective management of access rights: view, edit or delete, download or any combination.

Functionalities support also:

  • Fast and reliable timesheet management and easy printing.
  • Accurate calculation of personnel costs.
  • High security (SSL) and privacy (usernames and passwords).
  • Possible customizations and integrations.

After reviewing the market, we have selected 4PM tool, which fully complies with our needs. In recent years, it has firmly established itself in Slovenia and the EU. In addition to the reliable functioning and the extensive experience of the authors, we were attracted by the sophistication, an intuitive user interface in several languages (SL, EN, IT, HR) and the on-line user support. The price compared to the competition is significantly lower and allows us to choose between buying a license and hire full service SaaS model.

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