4PM new version 3.2 - to be published

date: 2017-05-18

category: press release

New version of 4PM 3.2 will include:
* Renewed integrated (project) document management system
* import of project plan from MS Project (optional)
* New login page to 4PM.

Renewed integrated project documentation system

  • faster performance
  • better insight into the document meta-data
  • easy management of access rights to the folders
  • easy to move documents between folders
  • Sending e-mail links do documents and folders
  • automatic versioning at document upload
  • and much more

Import an initiral project plan from MS Project

  • Project plan with a few clicks import from MS Project schedule and team begin to work
  • Available by request
  • In cooperation with our partners Noema Cooperating

New login page to 4PM

We redesigned the logo and also the login page to 4PM. New look and new technologies.


For the development of 4PM, ee use modern tools and follow the safety recommendation by the industries. New functionality will not work in older versions of browsers (Internet Explorer). We recommend you to update your browsers and use the latest version.

For additional information, please contact: 041 400 967 or info@4pm.si.

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