4PM integrated with Time & Space - system for registering time and attendance

date: 2015-09-15

category: press release

Effective time management also means consistency of the records of time and attendance for different needs and in different information systems.

Project staff records to 4PM  the contents of working time:

  • work on various tasks or projects,
  • what he or she does,
  • how much time is spent ...

Contents of working time is associated with the financial part of the project by the individual hourly rate.

Time & Space - system for registering time and attendance, which was developed by Špica d.o.o, records attendance at the workplace, various types of absence (holidays, sick leave, travel), all of which is connected with the system for calculation of salaries. 

EU co-financed projects require consistency across the various records in order to justify personnel costs. Coordinators and project administrators of co-financed projects are familiar with constant monitoring and coordination of different records (i.e. work on various projects, presence at the workplace, payment slips and calculation of hourly rates). The integration 4PM and Time & Space reduces this time-consuming work.

Integration of 4PM and Time & Space:

  • Data is consistent: 4PM (projects), Time & Space (Time), and personnel records (salaries)
  • Any data is entered only once
  • The absences automatically transferred from the Time & Space to 4PM
  • Control data is available where required (in the form for working reporting, monthly control checks)
  • Reporting on the use of working time is the same for all projects and all employees 
  • 4PM processes the entered data according to the rules for the various projects
  • 4PM exports data to various timesheets (general EU timesheets, or timesheets requested by  projects)

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