• E-mail notifications (Outlook calendar)
  • Active Directory for user identification
  • ERP systems (costs, salaries, users, work)
  • Work presence systems
  • Document management
  • Exporting service: xls, pdf
  • web service, xml...

4PM can be with various information systems.

Communication direction:

  • import data to 4PM
  • export of data in 4PM to other IT system

The extent of integration is determined based on the

  • content of the data (which data is transmitted, how often) and
  • the communication possibilities of other information system. 


  1. Data export to Excel - this is the fastest solution, which sometimes requires manual work (data import).
  2. Automated file transfer. 4PM generates agreed xls, saves it to a preset location, and another application imports it.
  3. Web service. The method of connection (which application calls how often) what data is being transferred (novelties, changes ...) should be determined. The data is up to date, there is no human factor.
    1. Active online service
    2. Passive web service, data
  4. Application integration: allow the other application to read directly to the database (fields that are marked for download)

4PM Architecture

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