Task Management

4PM's task management module helps you plan and manage all the tasks & activities, starting from definition of the time-line to resource allocation, work reporting and collaboration.

Task management supports powerful collaborative tool. Task related information, such as documents, presentations, notes or pictures can be attached to tasks, allowing team members to quickly exchange information and better collaborate their efforts.

FP7 project overview Task: collaborative tool for document and information exchange

Task Monitoring

Customizable overviews enable you to understand and analyse tasks by a project, individual, due date and other parameters (planned hours, completed hours, available hours, priority, etc.). Access to information regarding planned versus actual performance helps you identify where difficulties are arising.

Task progres

Tasks in 4PM

Type Status Progres
tasks assigned estimated
milestones accepted / declined calculated
meetings done assigned/done hours
phase / workpackage closed  

My 4PM quick access tasks

Task - all that you need

  • due date, task description and work load, priority, task team members...
  • task work reporting and communication (horizontal and vertical)
  • adding attachements
  • writing comments and sending e-mail notifications
  • list of activities for simplified work reporting and analysis.
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