Project Planning

Project activities, phases, tasks, milestones and meetings, along with the associated time frames, descriptions, team members and priorities are inserted to 4PM to establish a detailed project plan.

4PM enables you to determine the extent of collaboration necessary in establishing various deadlines and milestones.

Project Scheduling & Gantt Charts

4PM's Gantt chart provides a customizable graphical overview of project's activities and schedule: plan and progress. It provides real-time information on progress of activities. Relevant information on progress, enabling quick identification and analysis of deliverables on or off track is just one click away.

4PM mobile - gantt-chart Gantt Chart

Project Resource Planning

You can decide whether to approach resource planning through a top-down or a more collaborative approach with team members working on the deliverables.

Once resources are assigned to deliverables, dependencies are created between the scheduled project course, resources, and the project budget.

4PM provides you with overviews on resource loads. This allows you to allocate your resource efficiently and ensure that workload is equally distributed.

Resource Planning Task progres Plan zasedenosti resursov

Project Budgeting

4PM empowers you to assign various costs to the project or specific phases. After preliminary estimates have been established and reviewed, you can easily adjust expenses to perform contingency calculations.

Project Budgeting

4PM = intuitive tool for project planning from A to Z

Project managers plan the project's course, deliverables and budget on-line - all in one application. All project stakeholders have access to up-to-date project information, which ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding what needs to be done.

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