Monitoring and Reporting

4PM facilitates gathering project information form project team members. By centralizing all project related information within 4PM, you can easily create reports for internal or external purposes.

Project comments

Project comments record the course of the project: here you can add team meeting minutes, decisions, changes etc.

With regular comments, you create a chronological story of the project. You can add different attachments and send e-mail notifications to team members. This way you keep your communication transparent and in order.

All project comments are collected to enable managers with quick overview to project events and progress.

Task: collaborative tool for document and information exchange

Project Status Reports = Better Decisions

Customized reports with real-time updates are just a few clicks away. The reports provide you with the necessary information into the status and health of your project.

Using filters to focus on specific parameters helps you to really understand how work is progressing, allowing you to analyse progress like never before.

Financial Reports

Relevant project stakeholders have access to financial reports which provide insight into the financial health of the project. For early corrective actions.

External Reports

Many projects, EU Funded projects, require periodic reporting to external authorities. With 4PM, you will no longer have to spend countless hours putting them together: 4PM collects all project related data as it progresses through its lifecyle, you can automatically generate customized (both content and visual) reports required by any external authority.

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