Personnel costs

Internal personnel costs have significant impact to project financial status. 4PM connects your team, their work with financial plan.

  • 4PM connects financial status and project activities.
  • All users can have various hourly rates.
  • Each reported hour is shown in project financial progress

Hourly rates

4PM users report project hours on daily (weekly) basis. This enables analytical and up-to-date monitoring of project financial state and task progress.

Hourly rate management adjusted to your needs:

  • hourly rate for various project types (internal, commercial, co-financed...)
  • project hourly rate
  • special hourly rates (co-financed projects, work location)
  • Import salary data and connect hourly rates with various projects.

Project Personnel Costs Various hourly fees

Regular time tracking of project work is one of the most powerful features of 4PM.

This enables up-to-date and transparent overview of project progress, financial status, and work.

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