Application Administration

4PM provides you with full control over their 4PM, allowing you to create and manage users and related permissions, determine various classifications and groups, adjust project types and settings, and much more.

Access Rights and Access Groups

4PM administrators can create and manage access rights for various users and groups, thereby ensuring that everyone has access to the information that they require. They can use a combination of access rights, project roles and access groups to define what is visible to 4PM users and what are allowed within 4PM.

4PM user accesses the application with unique user name and password.

Project can have multiple resources from various levels of the organizational hierarchy, as well as external resources, each of which has authorisation and different deliverables to complete and require different tools to successfully complete work.

4PM allows administrators to define access groups through which they determine precisely what features different groups have access to.

AdministrationAdministrationEmployee personal settings

Audit Trail

4PM automatically tracks every action performed within 4PM, thereby keeping a log of what particular resources viewed, added, or modified.

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