Security & Infrastructure

Data security is a major concern for every business, especially when operating in the internet. This is why 4PM was built with the safety and security of your project and non-project data in mind.

Protecting your data

Security of your organization's data is a top priority in 4PM. State-of-the-art technologies, based on the security protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer), protect your privacy and ensure that all your information, documents, and data is kept confidential.

Security mechanisms ensure that only authorized users from your organization can access information and data.

Each 4PM installation has its own virtual server, thereby eliminating the possibility of others gaining access to your data.

Secure Infrastructure

Your 4PM is offered as Software as a Service on Arctur's servers (SaaS), which are located in a secure location and are built on proven security architecture.

We guarantee 99.998% uptime for 4PM running on our servers.

Multiple firewalls, anti-virus applications and monitoring are in place to ensure that your data is protected from hacking attempts and other malicious activities.

4PM can also be installed on your server infrastructure, granted that it meets certain standards and specifications necessary for data security and system uptime. For details contact us here .

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