Time Tracking

4PM's built-in time-tracking management module enables users & team member to report effort (work) on various tasks, and provides a real-time information on work progress.

Simple time-tracking forms

When entering information on project work done, user can add a comment about what they were working on, their work progress and send e-mail notifications to team members.

4PM provides each individual with automatically generated time-sheets with information from the project's plan. 4PM users have same form for various projects, non-project work and absences.

Quick work entry in calendar Timesheet - weekly


With 4PM, you are always informed about what your project team has been working on. Once reported, multiple views and filters enable access to information regarding work of individuals.

4PM helps you compare actual/expected progress, by individual or project, thus enabling you to make decisions to keep the project on track.

Insight into resource loads, accessible through 4PM resource load charts, enables you to optimally allocate your resources, eliminating unnecessary confrontations and sense of unfair division of work.

Personnel Expense Reports

With 4PM, you can charge personnel expenses to the project as soon as employees fill out their time-sheets and expense reports. All reports can be exported into Excel or your ERP system.

How does it work?


Simple forms for daily work reporting. Each user has overview over reported hours on various activities: project work, non-project work, absences, overtime work, annual holidays....

Project work

Project managers

Access to work progress report: allocated and done hours, work progress estimation. Each reported hour has direct connection to project personnel costs.

Project Personnel Costs Project work plan and progress report

Project officers for co-financed projects

Centralized administration for project reporting:

  • time-sheets are filled out on-line by team according to project plan
  • reported hours can be locked for editing
  • all reported hours can be exported to reporting forms (i.e. monthly reports)
  • changes in project plan can be easily implemented to project reporting
  • support for multi-timesheet management
  • reminders..

Advanced analysis

  • Comparison of employees - do they work on right tasks on right mode?
  • Work load planning
  • Salaries

How do you spend you work time?

  • What do you do?
  • What tasks
  • How much time do you need to perform task?
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