Team & Resource Management

4PM offers you the necessary tools to optimally allocate your resources to ensure timely project completion within its budget.

4PM unites projects and people

Project team organization & Resource Management

4PM supports project organization and collaboration. Each project team has own organizational structure, with clear responsibilities and project roles.

Project team and organization structure

4PM supports resources planning as a top-down approach or a more collaborative approach, which includes team to the planning process. Project team or organization structure can be adapted any time.

Resource Loads

Resource load overviews enable you to see what your team is working on and who is available. This enables you to allocate resources efficiently, maximizing resource utilization and minimize idle time.

Resource work load plan

User Groups & Access Rights

Each project has multiple participants from various levels within the organizational, as well as external participants, each of which requires different tools to complete their work.

4PM allows administrators to assign participants to user groups through which they determine precisely what features different users have access to. Limiting the features simplifies usage experience and ensures that everyone has access to what they need for their everyday project work.

External Resources

Projects sometimes require the contribution of external parties. You can easily include subcontractors, clients, agencies or any other external participant, and allowing them to access the information that they need.

Customizable Schedules and Holidays

4PM allows you to create personalised calendars for your organization. You can track your employees time off and vacations, allowing you to better plan your project.

Automatic Notifications

The built-in automatic notification features is an invaluable tool for notifying project resources about new tasks, milestones, or meetings which are relevant to them.

Resource Planning

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