Multi-project management

Effective management in any organization requires full overview over projects and resources (people and finance). 4PM unites total project portfolio with all your resources.

All that you need for good projects

  • Activity plan & schedule (Gantt chart with tasks, milestones, meetings) for work
  • Financial plan and financial status: costs, incomes, cash flow
  • Project documents
  • Project team and organizational structure.

Advanced project features

  • Project status: active / closed / on hold
  • Project groups & programmes for portfolio management
  • Priority settings
  • Change management
  • Project progress evaluation

Project portfolio overview

Up-to date overview

For better overview, comparison and priority settings for various projects, budget or resource allocation.

Quick discovery of critical points

Delays, overspending, resource overload enable facilitate risk detection. A tool for better decision making.

Resource load overview

  • Easy resource management of multi-project team

Any organization can improve agility and productivity with effective resource allocation: right work for right person at right time.

Resource work load plan

Project portfolio Gantt-chart

Enables quick view onto project progress according to project plan.

Portfolio Gantt Project programme finances

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