4PM is your compass for maintaining the course of strategic goals, project performance within the budget and time frames, focused employees and satisfied clients.

4PM successfully combines managerial skills and advanced technology on:

  • project management,
  • work and
  • people by supporting open communication and teamwork.

4PM improves the internal organization, planning, effectiveness, work-load. 4PM covers the full project: from idea to final realization of the plan.

  • Project managers plan tasks, project documents are organized, the financial situation is updated, and reports are fast.
  • Team members use 4PM for reporting on the work, teamwork and sharing documents.
  • Management has a comprehensive insight into the work of employees and projects. The decision making process is based on real data.

Transparent overview over portfolio, projects, your teams and work contributes to successful projects and motivated people.


... that support dynamic organization of your team, work and projects. 4PM helps you to plan, manage, monitor and close your projects and lead your employees to goals.

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