Kolektor Sisteh d. o. o.

Kolektor Sisteh d.o.o.

Gregor Janc, Project Office Manager


Kolektor Sisteh offers comprehensive solutions in the field of systems management and electrical engineering in electric power and process industry. It also offers advanced solutions for the digitization of appliances and processes, as well as inclusive technological solutions for water preparation and purification.

In recent years, we are experiencing extensive growth both in terms of work, complexity and number of projects. Consequently, we are facing expansion of our project teams, which has currently over 70 engineers of various disciplines. We operate in four business units.

Arctur d. o. o. took into account all specifics of our organizational structure and advised us on certain organizational aspects in managing our projects. The implementation was quick and efficient. From our first sign-up, the response of employees to the application 4PM was extremely positive and we did not have any problems.

The 4PM application helps us manage complete projects: finance, time management and content, on the basis of assigned tasks to all participants. We use 4PM also for the needs of service activities and support for our key customers.

Advantages of 4PM:

  • effective and fast integration into the existing settings,
  • access to the application anywhere and anytime,
  • a simple and transparent user interface,
  • a well-supported user rights with a regard to the organizational complexity of the company,
  • a large set of data, which can be reviewed according to various criteria and divisions,
  • a highly responsive team of the 4PM support,
  • the possibility of integration with other information systems.

We are extremely pleased with the 4PM solution. Now we have a clear overview of the numerous projects, their statuses and its activities at all times.

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